Locum.se in English

Welcome to the official website of Locum AB – the landlord of choice for healthcare. The English version of the website is a condensed version of the Swedish site. For more information about Locum AB please contact our head office. You will find full contact details on the website.

Locum AB is owned by Stockholm County Council (SLL) and is one of Sweden’s largest real estate managers with a property stock totaling 2.1 million square metres in the county of Stockholm. Healthcare, both public and private, is our largest tenant.

Obvious values for healthcare

Health and medical care facilities provide large workplaces where many people in different professions collaborate to ensure that patients receive good care. For Locum, it goes without saying that the premises we develop and manage shall contribute to a healing healthcare environment and a health-promoting workplace. “The landlord of choice for healthcare” is Locum’s vision and the bearing element in our brand and our undertaking.

Our guiding principles are our basic values: customer benefit, holistic responsibility and collaboration. In concrete terms, this means that we find solutions that meet care-givers’ and patients’ needs by taking a holistic responsibility in good collaboration with our customers and suppliers.

Considerable client

The healthcare properties that Locum manages have a book value of approximately SEK 12 billion. In addition to our own employees, Locum provides work for several thousand people through procured contractors, consultants and property-linked services. On behalf of the county council we conduct approximately 800 construction projects annually.

Specialist in care environments

Locum has specialist competence in both property management and constructional project management and development of healthcare environments. The company has just over 280 employees, several of whom hold knowledge and professional experience from the healthcare sector. Locum’s ability to attract, recruit and retain staff is vital. The combined expertise, experience and drive found in our staff plays a vital role in enabling Locum to attain its goals and deliver obvious values for healthcare.

Sustainable development

Together with our customers, we work to produce and maintain sustainable properties for good, cost-effective healthcare and a sustainable working life. Locum takes a long-term perspective in its work methodology based on ethical, social, environmental and economic considerations. Sustainable development is a natural and integrated part of our business. When we build and manage properties we do so with the greatest possible consideration for the environment, health and finances. Getting things right from the beginning is central to our work methodology – being proactive and taking a long-term approach to property development and management.

Customer satisfaction a key goal

Achieving customer satisfaction is a key integer in Locums core values and in all our employees’ responsibilities. With the right expertise in the right place we are able to accommodate and sometimes even anticipate our customers’ needs. Our customer managers are in regular contact with and are responsible for our customers. We follow up customer satisfaction annually and it has gratifyingly enough improved for three years in a row. The figures indicate that our improvement effort is constantly moving forward and the results provide a good basis for continued dialogue and further improvements.