Bild på ett antal personer som sitter kring ett bord och samtalar.
Bild på ett antal personer som sitter kring ett bord och samtalar. in English


Managing Director’s Staff

The Managing Director’s staff is responsible for business planning, operational control and development, management system, audits, internal protocol, matters of security and preparedness, legal matters and registry.

Accounts and Administration

Accounts and Administration is responsible for accounting, reports and monitoring as well as the loan portfolio, long-term financing and real estate finances. The Procurement and IT units provide Locum with expertise and resources in their respective areas.

Property Development

The Property Development department is responsible for matters concerning the long-term development of the property stock, handling planning cases and applications and the development of conceptual programmes. The department also carries out transactions related to properties that are not classified as strategic.

HR, Communication, Service and Customer Service

The unit is responsible for strategic questions in HR and communication, for example strategic competence development. The department is also responsible for guidance and support in day-to-day personnel matters, internal and external communication, customer service and services for employees and visitors to Locum’s premises on Östgötagatan in Stockholm.

Customer and Property department

The Customer and Property department holds overall customer and property management responsibility for the county council’s property stock. All customer areas are represented.

Project department

The Project department gathers competence in constructional project management and development. The department consists of six project areas, each lead by a specific project area manager.

Specialist Department

The department assists customer areas and project management with specialist competence to achieve functional and technical requirements, as well as energy and environmental requirements. Specific goals and requirements are set and closely monitored in line with Locums business plan, authority regulations and property and building information.

Facility Management

The Facility Management department develops, refines and delivers (through procured suppliers) Locum’s services in, amongst other areas, service centers, cleaning, caretaker and internal services, fruits and plants, fire protection training, telephone and computer networks, telephony, waste management and parking.